I Didn’t Even Consider That

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It was not on my mind at all as something I’d consider doing in my future. I hated English class and writing papers, however I loved Art and lunch time.

Why? Because those were times I could talk to people, laugh, and do what I enjoy. I love to find ways to rest from the stress. For example, being with the people that pour into me, or finding new crafty projects. I love discovering joys through everyday moments.

This happens when I keep my eyes open for what details are placed right in front of me. There’s sounds, sights, thoughts, and smells that can change my mood and calm me down.

There’s certain activities that unwind my mind like sitting out on my porch, and feeling the sun as I use watercolor to make crafts. These moments that help me escape the current stress are attainable. They are within reach everyday.

Now, I just need to practice them. I need somewhere I can go to for ideas on de-stressing and re-resting.

I want to create a place to find joy. I know where to find stress, that’s for sure. I want more laughter and life to happen. I wanna discover joy in my life as well as yours. Walk with me through the practice of discovering joy today.

Tell me how you find joy in the ordinary!

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