Wanting to be Productive vs Needing Rest

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Ever feel like your body is working against you? Like you can’t get anything done because your brain and body are too tired. That’s what I’ve felt this semester. My brain has been taken over by school and work. All the room is given up and I can’t fit in any of the stuff I want to do.

Silhouette Cameo Deals

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Please note that the links below are affiliate links. Each link is to a product I recommend because I want to share the value I have found through using them. I do make a small commission if you decide to … Continued

Thrift Store Joy

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Thrift Store Joy Thrift stores are amazing! They are where I go to find something that will brighten my day and I know I won’t lose all my money (even if I get a lot of stuff) There’s Sharestuff, Salvation … Continued

Polished By Kali- A Handful of Joy

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Fall Nails- oh they make my heart happy! I love seeing new designs and colors that other people are wearing on their nails. Whoever came up with the idea to paint nails in the first place Thank You! I find … Continued

Rest from Your Crazy Week

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“Rest. Take in this moment. Stop trying to find something to entertain yourself with.” Today, I wake up feeling the headache from what I believe is not enough sleep and too many long days this week. I got to sleep … Continued

Marrying Your Best Friend

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I love being married to my best friend. Chris is always makin’ me laugh. Being married is definitely as amazing as they said it would be. My favorite parts of our journey so far have been decorating the home for … Continued

Fall Bucket List

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Fall Fun for Everyone *Fall Bucket List Link Below* I did not realize how serious my husband and his family take fall. It is not fun and games until the fall movies and candles are going. They love to celebrate … Continued

I Didn’t Even Consider That

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Blogging. It was not on my mind at all as something I’d consider doing in my future. I hated English class and writing papers, however I loved Art and lunch time. Why? Because those were times I could talk to … Continued

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