Lyrics to Inspire More Faith in God

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The songs in my free printable are helpful for those looking for joy, hope, or identity. Once you print and cut it out, it can be put on a ring and flipped through like note cards or put on the … Continued

Essential Oil List When College Has You Beat

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When College Has You Beat. When you don’t have time for self care. All you can do is study. You don’t have time for anything. It’s the kind of week where all you can do is keep your life going … Continued

Essential Oil Freebie

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Finals are coming! Need help getting through this week? Or maybe you’ve already taken your finals and need to intentionally relax and calm down? I have created a printable for you to easily and efficiently start using essential oils for … Continued

Wanting to be Productive vs Needing Rest

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Ever feel like your body is working against you? Like you can’t get anything done because your brain and body are too tired. That’s what I’ve felt this semester. My brain has been taken over by school and work. All the room is given up and I can’t fit in any of the stuff I want to do.

Thrift Store Joy

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Thrift Store Joy Thrift stores are amazing! They are where I go to find something that will brighten my day and I know I won’t lose all my money (even if I get a lot of stuff) There’s Sharestuff, Salvation … Continued

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