Christmas Joy Snowflake Embossed Card

This snowflake embossed card is

easy to make and

looks like a pro made it.

So if you need an easy card, that’s fun to make, and turns out beautiful, keep reading or watch this video.

I love making cards as a way to escape the stress or grief of life for a few moments. Doing crafts is a great way to use another part of your brain to let the stressed out part take a rest for a moment. And with all the holiday fun/ craziness this card can be a perfect de-stresser.

All of the supplies used can be found at a local craft store or my affiliate links at the end.

How to make this card:

  1. Use a card base and randomly stamp the front with snowflakes. I like using different types of snowflakes but using the same one could work as well. The Versa Mark ink is the best for embossing! I have tried self made embossing inks and nothing compares to Versa Mark. I’ve had this ink pad for awhile now and it still works perfectly.
  2. Scatter the embossing powder over the snowflakes. Be careful not to touch the snowflakes as you hold the card. Tip: You might want to put a piece of paper on your table so the powder can be easily cleaned up afterward. Then, shake off the extra powder onto your paper or straight back into the container like I did.
  3. Grab the heat gun and start heating a few inches above the card. This might take a minute. Watch for the sparkles to start to change and melt. As soon as this happens move the heat gun to a new spot. Keep heating and moving the gun around until each image is melted.
  4. Next, the greeting is created. I used a clear stamp so I put it on the clear block and lined it up using the lines. Use black ink and stamp the greeting on to white paper. Cut the paper to the size you’d like it. Ink the sides of the white paper to make it stand out against the background.
  5. Cut ribbon to the size of the card. I used a clear ribbon that tape would easily be seen through, so I only taped behind where the greeting would go. This way I could cover it up with the greeting afterward. This is easier to see than explain.
  6. Now tape the greeting over the ribbon. I chose to add sparkles to my greeting using a glitter pen which added a nice Christmas-y touch.

There you have it!

Happy crafting!

The following supplies can be clicked on to be directed to my affiliate link. If you’d like to show extra support of this blog, please order through these links.

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6 Thoughts to “Christmas Joy Snowflake Embossed Card”

  1. Jen

    This is fun! I would love to teach my girls to do this so they can make special cards for friends and family!

    1. Absolutely! It’s been a great hobby for me growing up. I bet they would love it.

  2. I love it! So beautiful. I need to break out my stamps again. Do you have a recommendation for heat guns?

    1. Hi Robbi. Thank you. I’ve had the best luck with heat guns from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. The one in the video I’ve had for many years. Right now through my link you can get it half price (Buying through this link would be a great way to support this blog)

  3. Brittany

    That seriously looks professional! What an awesome card to make!

    1. Awe that is so encouraging! Thank you!

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