DIY Winter Activities

DIY Winter Activities for Couples, Friends, and Family.

These ideas are great for couples looking for something simple and easy to do to spend time together OR the child of yours that keeps saying he’s bored OR a group of friends getting together over the weekend.

You can find and follow more ideas at or click on images below for ideas.

Build a tower of twigs. This is kind of like the game Jenga! This would be a fun way to get fresh air and do a hands on activity.

DIY winter activities

Make a fun flavored hot cocoa. YUM! Yes please!

DIY winter activities

Find something in nature and freeze it in water. This is could be done in an ice cube tray or lid. This one may take more patience but if the water is thin it could freeze quicker. You could get pretty creative by looking around or going to a park.

DIY winter activities

Make a bird feeder. Seeing birds in the winter is a special sight. Different birds stick out beautifully. I love spotting the Cardinals. These bird feeders could be made in any shape depending on what cookie cutter shape you have at home.

DIY winter activities Learning and Exploring Through Play: Homemade Bird Feeders

Fill water balloons with water and food coloring and freeze to get a marble winter activities

Paint in the snow. It’s like a giant canvas! If you get cold easily, try collecting a tray of snow and do this inside.

DIY winter activities 2-INGREDIENT SNOW PAINT FOR KIDS. My kids love this stuff, and it is so easy to make!

Dry and scent pine cones. This would be great for decor and good smells in a room. I love finding simple ideas that can make a room more unique especially when they are handmade!

DIY winter activities Make Scented Pinecones for a pretty home diffuser.

Create a body scrub (only 3 ingredients needed.) This recipe uses epsom salt which I love for relaxing baths.

DIY winter activities body scrub- beauty- peppermint scrub- make your own body scrub- gift ideas- handmade- sugar scrub- holiday gift ideas- gifts for women- Christmas gift ideas

Blow bubbles and watch them freeze. This idea is linked to a great website of ideas for keeping kids busy this winter.

DIY winter activities Blow bubbles and watch them freeze - one of the 20 outdoor snow activities for kids. Be prepared for that snowy day when school is off and kids want to go outside and play. This list of snow and ice activities for kids of all ages is just what you need for any winter day. | at Non Toy Gifts

I hope you enjoy these diy winter activities. Have other ideas? Share them in the comments.

Stay warm and have fun!

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29 Thoughts to “DIY Winter Activities”

  1. These are such fun ideas! We’re trying to do a “frugal” January so these are some fun ideas that we can do! Love it.

    1. Frugal January! What a great idea. Yes these are great for low or no budget. I didn’t even think about that as a good side of these ideas too.

  2. I love these, especially the freezing one with plants! I think my kids would get a kick out of spruce ice cubes🌲

    1. Oh yes! I thought that one was really cool too!

  3. I’ve never thought of that, painting in the snow! Looks like lots of fun for the kids. I’ll have to try it when mine get older!

    1. Right? The kids would love it I bet. And it’s easy to make which is nice

  4. Painting in the snow should definitely be on our line up!

  5. These are awesome ideas!! The winter can kind of drag sometimes…these are fun ideas that my husband and I can try together!! He is definitely the creative type!!

    1. Oh nice! Ya this would be great for him. Hopefully, you enjoy it too!

  6. These are awesome ideas! I wish we lived somewhere where it snowed! Well… kind of. I hate the cold, but the snow is fun! lol.

    1. Haha exactly! Cold is only worth it if there’s snow to make it beautiful.

  7. That hot chocolate looks seriously amazing! I also think my toddler would love making a bird feeder and seeing what kind of birds come to eat from it!

    1. Oh so sweet! And ya that hot chocolate looks too good not to make.

  8. omg – these are amaze-ball ideas! That hot chocolate has my name on it, though! I love the idea of freezing stuff in the water – how pretty! Love this post!

  9. These all look so great! Here in Toronto, we’re reaching -37C today, so I think it’s time that I start doing some activities to keep myself distracted from the cold (haha!)

    1. No way! Gosh that’s cold! I live in a cold area too and need ideas like these to help enjoy it better. Sometimes it’s easy to want it to go away but there’s such an art to finding ways to love things that aren’t everyone’s favorite.

  10. Oh my, I love all of these ideas!! I wanted to choose one, but I couldn’t! I am going to try all these with my little boy, although might be a little hard with the paint in the snow as we have none here… nonetheless, one for the future! Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s so awesome! They are such cute ideas. I’m glad you like so many of them. They would be perfect for a little boy!

  11. These ideas are awesome! I really like the one about painting the snow. It’s so easy and so fun!

  12. A-

    Baths and hot chocolate are my favorite parts of winter so the flavored hot chocolate and the bath scrubs are right up my alley! Great suggestions!


    1. Glad to hear you liked that part of the list! I totally agree. And using bath scrubs feels amazing. My legs always feel so soft! Thanks

  13. Fun ideas! My daughter and husband used the snow paint yesterday on a snowman in our front yard…word to the wise, use multiple colors, not just red otherwise, it looks like the snowman was involved in an accident!!! (sorry neighbors!)

    1. Haha no way! That’s too funny. Thanks for the tip! I wouldn’t have guessed that. Oh man haha!

  14. Mia

    I like the idea of freezing things from nature; I just wish you could display it afterward without it melting! Also, blowing bubbles and watching them freeze?! How have I never thought of this?!

    1. Pinterest is boss when it comes to great ideas!

  15. Hannah | Lovely Little Lives

    This is a great list. I love the idea of freezing holly branches or some other nature item in ice!

  16. These are some great ideas!! Its so cold were I live I should start making more stuff with ice and getting my kids into snow paint

    1. That could be so fun with them. As a kid this would have definitely been a great memory to have with my brother.

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