Easy DIY Watercolor for Your Valentine

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Before I get into this DIY watercolor Valentine project, here’s a little background of how it got created.

I started testing out my new watercolor paints and pens I got for Christmas at a family party. Don’t worry I socialized too! I just couldn’t hold back the excitement of my new gift and had to play with it right away. Tis’ what Christmas is all about.

It didn’t take long to learn that if I’m going to paint a whole page, I need to use actual brushes not the fancy water squeezing ones.

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However, I really like those brushes for these reasons.

I liked the colors I was using, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how it was turning out. I pictured it transitioning smoothly and looking like how the artists on Instagram make it look.

So I left my painting and started working on other types of doodles.

Then a few weeks later I was learning about hand lettering and how easy it can be. So I thought how pretty would it look with a watercolor background?

That first page of watercolor was just sitting in the notebook unused since it didn’t reach my expectations earlier, so I tested the hand lettering out on there. And I really liked it!

The crafty feelings were starting to build and my mind was thinking of how I could use this for a card. Then, I thought they could be used as little notes around the apartment for my husband. And voila this project was made.

I know it’s nothing special but I loved making it. I couldn’t wait to show Chris. I wanted to wait until Valentine’s Day, but then he did some pretty great stuff (the dishes, the laundry, cleaned the house). So I couldn’t hold off anymore.

I placed the thank/love note on the sink when he went in the other room.

He came back eventually and smiled really big and gave me a big ol’ hug and smooch. I love leaving him little notes.

Even if your art doesn’t look the way you expected, turn it into something. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you still won’t. But it can be a simple reminder to your spouse or kid that you love them. The bonus is when you see them smile. And I’d do anything just to see his smile.

This gesture is great for someone who has the Love Language of Words of Affirmation. Or maybe it can serve as an idea if you’re just looking for a new way to tell him you appreciate him.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    • Mandy

      Awe thanks. Yes it’s so fun and therapeutic. Even the mess of colors can be made into something beautiful.

  1. Kalia

    Oh my goodness! These are so cute! I love the colors you used. That is a super cute way to leave note pick-me-ups for your SO. And I love that you put little stands on them. Also, thank you for calling attention to the fact that you shouldn’t focus on the end results. It is about making someone else smile! I love it, great post!

  2. Jenny

    This is such a great idea! We are making Valentines this weekend, and I will incorporate this idea! I also love the idea of leaving them all over to find in special places. What a great way to make someone feel truly special.

  3. Melissa

    Those are so cute and sweet! I love water coloring and it’s something I could get my daughter involved in too!

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