Essential Oil List When College Has You Beat

When College Has You Beat.

When you don’t have time for self care. All you can do is study. You don’t have time for anything. It’s the kind of week where all you can do is keep your life going to get thru it and then breathe once you’ve made it.

It sucks. I felt bad for every moment I wasn’t studying. Yet, my mind was so full of info that I felt like it was going to explode. I hope this list helps spur your own ideas for what you need in those crazy moments:

Ask for help

I’m not referring to talking to the professor. I’m talking about the people in your life that love you and would love to know something they could do to help.

Do you have a friend at church, from an old group you were in, a neighbor, someone at work? For me, it was my family.

It is incredibly important that you are taken care of when you are stressed out.

Stress and sickness can come hand in hand. If you are struggling to get everything done for school, you are not likely able to take care of yourself.

Ask for help for the easy things. You’re doing the hard things with studying and shoving more knowledge in your brain. Ask for help with eating healthy.

  • When you are not able to do anything but study, you have got to call on those people that can run an errand or help you out at home.


  • Ask them to make you a snack plate. This is so helpful. Snacks are my go to for long lectures and study periods. Blueberries, almonds, cheese, snacky and healthy food will help your brain work way better


  • Ask them to turn your diffuser on (you may have enough energy to do this yourself so use it as a quick break if you can) There are specific essential oils that are meant to help you focus and study. If you’d like a FREE list of these click on the link below.


  • Another idea, which you probably don’t have around but I definitely recommend, is a rosemary plant. They are said to help increase memory just by having that smell near you. My mom loved bringing them over to me at the table when I would study.


  • Say “no.” This one is hard for me because I hate letting people down. When I say no to an event or friends or volunteering, I feel like I’ve let them down. But what I had forgotten is that the people that I say no to are good people. They want me to take care of myself. They would rather I say no to take care of myself so that I can come back and give when I am better able to.


Your no is as important as your yes. People stress saying no but I’d stress making your yes as meaningful. You want your yes to really mean something. If you go to something out of obligation, you’re not there out of love for the event or person. How would you feel if someone came to be with you because they felt they had to not because they like being with you. That’s not a friend. Take care of your yes and love yourself first, so you can love others more.

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9 Thoughts to “Essential Oil List When College Has You Beat”

  1. GIRL I am the same way about saying no! It is actually my self challenge to make 2018 the year of no LOL! I didn’t know that about rosemary!! I’ll def have to get a rosemary plant now, thanks!

    1. Wow what a great idea of making that your 2018 challenge! I love that. Ya the rosemary is so great! It helps with studying and it smells great!

  2. Learning to say “no” is probably the most important tip on this list for me, I want to help EVERYONE and it ends up helping no one, especially me! Thank you for the great reminder here today, thanks for sharing!

  3. I remember the days when college would kick my butt. These are good tips to help you handle being overwhelmed.

    1. Thank you. Ya these years have their hard moments!

  4. Ray

    Saying no is so important. I hate saying it. I just learned to start saying it towards the end of this year!

    1. Yes I wish it came easier! Here’s to practicing it more this year!

  5. All are great tips. Taking care of yourself helps with stress and happiness.

    1. Thank you. It sure does help with those. I am able to love others so much better when I’m taken care of first.

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