Fall Bucket List

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Fall Fun for Everyone

*Fall Bucket List Link Below*

I did not realize how serious my husband and his family take fall. It is not fun and games until the fall movies and candles are going. They love to celebrate the cool air coming in and the fall-themed foods and drinks of the season.

Creating traditions for this time of year is actually really fun. I am one to fully invest in the Christmas season, but with fall I guess I didn’t give its due attention. I have discovered a lot of joy through seeing the new colors of the leaves and walking to the car in the morning feeling the jacket weather. So I started dreaming up what I could do this fall to fully en-joy it!

Here’s my –>Fall Bucket List.

I hope you find a few things to make your fall special this year. Also, feel free to check out Summer’s first Fall Leaf Craft from last year below. (A little seasonal joke for ya. Summer loves when her name is used for puns).


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