My First and Favorite Crochet Socks

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Guys, I’ve never made crochet-ed socks before. These socks are now on my list of favorite patterns! I thought it was going to be so much harder than it actually was.

This pattern was easy, simple, and taught me a new stitch that gave these socks more personality.

I had some socks from way back that I got as a gift and I loved their colors. So when they started falling apart I didn’t wear them as much and got sad that I was going to have to throw them away soon.

Old vs New


So that’s why I decided to try and make my own. I had all the yarn already and just had to go get it from my parents’ house (I still haven’t cleared out everything but luckily my parents have been kind about letting me get it gradually). It’s not easy to fit everything I had into the apartment. Spoiled! Yes. Very much so. Thankful too.

Alright so this pattern was free and is easy to follow. It can be found at this link.

If you’d like a pair go to my shop and order! I can do different colors and sizes. All stitched with love.

The first sock took a little bit of time to make sure I was doing things right and it would continually fit -sometimes I am weird and lose/gain stitches and projects turn out 3 times the size. I get a good laugh at those projects.

The stretch around the ankle was amazing. It’s so cool how that turned out.

I had trouble getting the first sock on until I realized I did the stitch wrong. Once I did it right, the stitch was amazing and the sock slipped right on while still giving me a warm, cozy sock.

To get the right fit for my feet I added a few more rows in the recommended area.

I loved making mine and I would love to make some for you.

Click here to order for you or a friend!

I’m surprised how much I love making socks! It’s therapeutic and fulfills my crafting purpose in life!


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