Grief and Lyrics through the Loss

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I want to hand this over to God right from the start. Lord, use these words and lyrics below to bring healing to Your Beloved who are struggling with grief right now.

Good grief. Really is there such a thing? This is a hard topic for me to talk about with friends let alone write about. But God is good and helped me through it so sharing about it is a must for me. Losing a significant person in your life is awful and having walked through it with the help of a good counselor, I know grieving and mourning need to happen to move forward.

However, I like to push this part of me away. I don’t like thinking about the sad stuff. I still have more to grieve though. To share a little about this, I experienced loss as I was just starting to date my now husband, Chris. I hated the sadness and loss of control of my emotions. Yet, I was entering a great part of life. The part I had waited for. I was so happy to be a girlfriend. With great moments happening in my life, I hated being sad during this season.

No matter how much I fought it, I couldn’t keep my sadness from bubbling up inside. One day it overwhelmingly hit me as I was on the phone with my mom. Weeping I told her, “I am so sad and I can’t handle it anymore… I need to talk about this… I need to schedule an appointment with a grief counselor.” She had to have me repeat what I said since talking and crying on the phone don’t work well.

It was my breaking point and I’m so glad I went found counseling. I learned how healthy it is to cry and how much I needed to. To be able to have scheduled time to cry was helpful too. I learned how to accept where I was and know that it’s a step in a direction not a dead end. I was going to get through this, I was not stuck there forever.So as I still go through my own struggles of grief, I hope sharing some lyrics (FREE at the end of this post) that blessed me will help you too. Here are some thoughts as you go into reading the lyrics because it’s important to know not every lyric card is going to feel the way you expect it too.

When I was going through the very beginning stages (I still do this now as random moments hit me) of grief and mourning, one of the only things that made me deal with it and help me through it was music. The lyrics made me cry- they allowed me to feel the different emotions that came up.

There were plenty of moments I couldn’t sing- most of the moments I couldn’t. I felt like I could only listen and be there. Many times I pointed a lot of my hurt at God… But I kept playing the songs. Crying my eyes out, I played them and told God how mad I was with Him. I know He cried with me and even as I said mean things to Him, HE LOVED ME and sent me small gifts to show how much He treasured me. Don’t be afraid to be real with God. He can handle it. And being honest can bring you slowly back to Him.

The biggest thing I want you to know is that it’s okay to not be okay. IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY. If you can’t speak to God or sing worship to Him that’s okay. He’s not going anywhere. And the songs I used can be played on your phone or printed and cut out to keep with you.

Bonus: if you want a great book to help work through this: It is called A Grace Disguised and it really helped. The author lost his daughter, mother, and wife in a car accident and speaks with honest truth about what he experienced through that. It opened my eyes to truth and helped me walk more confidently through loss.

For those who liked the lyrics I put together in this post, I created (Grief) Lyrics Through the Loss printable [get free at the end of this post]

It’s totally free. I wanted to help others in different ways like when a sweet woman helped me through grief by giving me coloring books. In honor of her kindness, I also attached a coloring sheet for you.

Get the Lyrics Through Loss Printable sent to you now, by entering your email.

The lyrics come from the hearts of the artists to speak into your broken areas. May the pain that is overwhelming you be brought out and comforted.

Remember, His strength is available even when you are feeling awfully weak. You will get stronger and are getting stronger through this.

I admire you as you learn to feel all the feelings that come.

Your friend,

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