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Easy Set up with Bluehost
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Interested in blogging? Maybe you want to write about your lifestyle, travel, crafts… the possibilities are endless when you get going. But to get started won’t it take a lot of energy and time? Nope! Not if you follow my directions. You can get started through a simple step-by-step process. With my help (and those who helped me get started), you can have your very own blog up in no (little) time.

Let’s get started :

1. Pick a name for your blog.

Your domain name is what comes before the .com. Before choosing You Makin Me Laugh, I brainstormed a lot of ideas. I wanted my blog name to be personal and something that could work for whatever direction my blog/life took. I chose mine because my husband is always making me laugh when I’m with him. It became a saying between us. Then, I knew I wanted to share joy and what I’ve learned from my relationships on my blog. I had some other ideas that I liked for names as well, but they were too long or too bland. If you’re having a hard time thinking of what your name could be try thinking about:

  • What do I love to talk about?
  • My passions in life are…
  • How do I describe myself?
  • Can I simplify my idea(s) down?

Have your name picked out? No worries if you don’t. It will come. Give yourself a few days and ask for others’ feedback on what they think would be good for you.

2. Set up Hosting

This is where most people make regrets when they are just starting out. They are afraid of jumping in, like I was, because they could fail. Well I hope you have someone who supports you in this (my husband was/is amazing) and if you can’t think of anyone, know that I support you. Have questions? Send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you out. There are so many reasons to get stuck here, but if you can feel the support and know that if I could get through this, you definitely can! I believe in you. Now let’s do this!

Which web hosting is best? Bluehost.

It is my top choice for hosting services. The reason you want to choose a good hosting service is because it is the base to all the rest of the work you are going to do. If this isn’t good, you will be frustrated, and will realize why I said you want to choose Bluehost. You deserve a good start! If you’d like to check out reasons why Bluehost is my top choice, read my post about that here.

Specific directions to set up Bluehost (for half the price of what others pay use my links in this post)

  1. Click here and it will open a new tab for you to start a Bluehost account. You’ll see this main page and click the green “get started now” button.

  2. Next, you will be directed to this page and you can choose what you feel most comfortable with. I chose Prime because it has the best features and my supportive team told me to go for it! If you’re able to afford the prime it is definitely worth it and I’d recommend it. Bluehost is great on all levels though, so the basic plan still offers what you need to get started.Bluehost signup steps

  3. Once your plan is selected, you will be directed to this page where you can type in your domain name. This part is great because your domain is free through Bluehost. If your domain is already taken, it will give you options to choose from that are similar. So if you have a few names ready, this will be helpful in case one name is already taken. Bluehost screenshot 2

  4. It will say Congratulations! (because wow you did it! You got a domain name for your blog. Big moment! Then, fill in the details it asks for.

  5. When you reach this page, you will see the options to choose. To choose the cheapest option, you’ll pick $3.95 for 36 months. Yes this feels like a lot. But it is so worth it! If you want to have a successful blog, it will take an investment to get it started. Also, this is great to set yourself up in the right mindset. Maybe it will help you set up your first goal (to monetize your blog and make that money back)? bluehost sign up screen

3. Now WordPress can be installed.

I loved that this part was so easy through Bluehost. They set it up for you and all you have to do is make a password and choose a theme. Decisions. Decisions. This part was fun. Your site starts to come to life and you get to decide on its look. When you get to this page choose Business if you plan to make this into a blogging business as I hope you do!Wordpress bluehost

Next, play around. Push buttons. Learn this new place and how it functions. I recommend looking at Appearance. That is where you’ll customize what the site will look like. You will likely want to wait to wait to launch your site until you have a few blog posts ready and have the page looking the way you want it.

4. You Did It! Start writing and looking for other ways to get connected to other bloggers through social media.

There are group pages on Facebook and boards on Pinterest. Get connected. This is so important for new and old bloggers!

Congratulations and Good Luck!

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