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Fall Nails- oh they make my heart happy!

I love seeing new designs and colors that other people are wearing on their nails. Whoever came up with the idea to paint nails in the first place Thank You! I find doing my nails relaxes me and it’s another form of doing crafts. It’s an art. There’s something else about a new fresh coat of polish that really makes me feel good.

Kali Uhrig shares today how nail art has impacted her. Kali is such a great friend (and sister-in-law). She was fantastic as my personal attendant for my wedding. She is such a kind-hearted person that if you ever get the chance, have a conversation with her. She is one of those people that you can laugh with or be serious with or both! It’s nice when you can like being around the person doing your nails, especially when it is to treat yourself with having your nails done.

I asked Kali what it is that lights her up. Her answer was golden. I hope there’s something in your life that you can enjoy like she does nail polish. In case you haven’t seen her beautiful work, here’s a few pictures and a link to her Instagram account:

Look at how perfect this Halloween nail design is.
I asked for a design and Kali made it better than I envisioned!


It’s quite obvious she has a talent when it comes to doing nails. But how does she find joy in the routine, humdrum, everyday stuff? Here’s Kali describing her joy,

Nail polish is my happy place. About a year and a half ago I started documenting through Instagram, the different manicures I would come up with. I have made so many new friends through this nail community and discovered a hobby, which has turned into a passion. It brings me so much joy when I get to paint my friends nails for them, whether it be a gel manicure, nail art design or just a regular manicure. The quality time spent with that person is so refreshing. I get to talk one on one with that person while I’m doing something I love.

What lights you up? Is there something that when you think about it, you get excited. Are their gifts you can use to bring joy to yourself and others around you?

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  1. Karissa

    She does an awesome job! Love her designs and it’s great to see someone who lights up when talking about what they do.

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