Rest from Your Crazy Week

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“Rest. Take in this moment. Stop trying to find something to entertain yourself with.”

Today, I wake up feeling the headache from what I believe is not enough sleep and too many long days this week. I got to sleep in this morning, yet I still feel that ache reminding me “you over did it again.”

I made some tea (taken from the hotel room in Hawaii), hoping it would warm my brain and calm the ache. I thought about turning on the t.v. or music or something, but instead I lost focus and felt how soothing silence can be. Not complete silence but the kind where all I hear is the wind outside, hubby’s beautiful voice at work, and the noises that our apartment makes. During this silence, I realize I had just zoned out. My eyes were just staring off at the cotton balls I used to remove my chipped nail polish.

I just sat. in the quiet. not doing a thing.

I thought today I would need more of reading but my heart thought differently. Being overwhelmed by the amount of reading and listening and studying this week, it made me still.

REST. Let me rest.

I hear that little voice of my heart telling me to “stop searching for something to entertain yourself with. Just sit. Sip your tea. Let your mind REST.”

Breathe, zone-out freely, and let the sounds around you be all you hear.

-Well that’s all I have to say for now because I need to get back to resting today.

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  1. Madelyn Plummer

    Oh I can totally relate to this for sure!!!! It is SO hard for me to rest sometimes! I just want to keep doing, going, doing some more. Then it catches up to me & I’m like “darn it, I did it again!” Lol. I hope you got some rest and rejuvenation!

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