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I still get interest in the Black Friday Deals post back in November so I thought for those who may still be looking into whether to get this cutting machine, it would be helpful to let you know more about it. So here’s my Silhouette Cameo Review!

First, I want you to know that I love this machine so much that I asked to partner with them. This means I make a small commission for sales through the following links. If you decide to get this machine, you can get it through this link as a way to say thanks for setting you up with an awesome machine 😉

I am an affiliate for Silhouette America Distribution because they have been helpful with set-up, any issues that came up, my beginner confusion, and inspiring me to create more detailed projects for family and friends. Also, I am an affiliate with Amazon to compare prices for you.

I love simple.

And that includes creating the card. With this machine, I am able to make the complex cards simpler (which means they are easier to make). I’m making more of them and enjoy it so much. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to send a piece of paper through the machine and have a variety of cards to make just send to the machine.

Okay I know I’m talking biased, but I just love this machine and want every crafter to be able to use it. If you can’t afford it now, find a friend who can so you can “borrow” it from them. Haha ya I doubt they’ll let you, but there’s always hope, right? I have used it for a number of years now so I have seen the accessories that work, my machine make weird noises, worked with the support team, and had a ton of success and even had people approach me to make cards for their businesses.

Recommendations before you buy:

  • Wait until it’s under $200. The price it is listed at is close to $300 but you can totally find it cheaper. I’ll list the different links I use when searching for best prices. Some sites sell out quickly though so I hope you find the best deal before the others!
  • Also, try to get a bundle. These are wonderful for beginners. You’ll get loads of stuff to use with your new awesome machine. And it’s just fun to get stuff to go with your purchase that you don’t have to pay extra for.

Let’s get to that review for realz now!

The machine is made to cut 12×12 or 12x larger. You can cut cardstock, vinyl, fabric,chipboard, tissue paper, and many other materials. You can also write and make stickers, magnets, or complex cards. Another cool product is the Pixscan mat, which allows you to cut out detailed stamped images instead of trying to use scissors to cut around every curve and inside a stamped image.Image result for free pictures of silhouette cameo in use

You can also use the Print and Cut method that is free and allows you to print an object with registration marks on the paper. The machine lines up with the registration marks and then is able to cut the object out. I like using the PixScan because it has the registration marks on it. You just take a photo of the mat with your phone and upload it.

Follow my Board for Inspiration

It hooks into a laptop through a usb cord and you design on the computer. The machine only has buttons to load and unload the cutting mat. To design on the laptop, this can be tricky as a beginner so I definitely recommend watching Youtube videos.

I had a busy season of life and hadn’t used my machine for quite some time but because of all the time I spent learning and using the buttons, it was super easy to get back into using it. Once, you learn and use the buttons they become easier to remember. I’d say there’s definitely a learner’s curve to the design process because seriously this machine does so much! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and watch tons of videos!

What’s cool with the design software is you can fit more on one piece of paper. You can position where each image goes and fit more on the page by turning the image or tilting it slightly. This is great for mass production. Here’s a picture of my screens showing how you can finangle with objects to fit as much as possible on the page.


If you want to try fancy words, cut out intricate designs, design your own projects, mass produce one shape, do projects faster, and save paper/use scraps more, then this machine is YOUR’S. You’ve got to try it!

If you are more interested in just starting out with crafts and don’t know how to put together a card yet, maybe wait a little while until you know more about your style in crafting. See if this machine is compatible with the projects you do.

This is a huge investment, and it has been a huge motivator to get me more into crafting and it has upped my game. It has made making cards so much fun especially when people ask, “Did you really make this? What? How?”

Check out this article after you order the Silhouette Cameo for what to do while you’re waiting for it to come in the mail.

Click here for the Best deal for machine and bundle (my top pick)

Click here for the machine and bundle at Amazon

For just the machine (okay deal)

Click here for the machine and bundle with sketch pens (pricier)

Click here for the machine and bundle with PixScan cutting mat

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