Review : Water Brush Pen Set

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The water brush pen set is a great purchase if you are into doing anything with watercolor crafts. They do have specific advantages though. In order to help you decide whether they would be good for you, here’s a list of different things they do well and don’t do well.

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  • Hand lettering! These pens are awesome for hand lettering. You can control how much water is on the brush and do beautiful designs.
  • You don’t have to keep going back to the water cup. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the splatter when transferring the brush in and out.
  • Easy clean up. Just wash the brush under water. No need to wash out a cup of water like with regular painting.
  • Great for travel/to-go/transporting if you like to crafts out of the house every once in awhile. This would be great as a way to pass time on a long car trip. I know I need a variety of things to entertain me for those long hours of being in the car.
  • I haven’t lost any bristles from the tip. With regular brushes, I lose hairs constantly, which is annoying when it’s in the middle of the painting.
  • Easy to hold and feels comfortable in my hand.
  • Different sizes for different thickness of strokes.


  • It is hard to get a whole piece of paper covered like in this project. I’d rather use the bigger/normal brushes and dip in water to have it cover more space. The brushes would need to be squeezed for awhile to get that much water out and the largest brush size they sell still takes too long for me.
  • There is gunk that can get stuck in the chamber between where you squeeze the water and the bristles. I haven’t had the gunk happen to me but heard of other people experiencing that. I have had the color previously used get into that area. I just wash it out if it’s a problem usually I can do a few squeezes to push/wash the color out and that fixes it.
  • Need to be wet before you touch or bend the bristles or this can cause the brush to split and not have a single, concise stroke. It ends up with bristles in weird positions messing up your work.
  • It would be nice to have thinner and thicker sizes so hopefully they make those in the future. HA! JUST FOUND OUT THEY DO HERE.

  • The bristles start out white but once a color touches them they will turn a darker stained color. You can clean your brush but the stain will stay on it. It doesn’t affect painting, it just looks different after being used.

I hope this helps your decision. Craft away!

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