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Please note that the links below are affiliate links. Each link is to a product I recommend because I want to share the value I have found through using them. I do make a small commission if you decide to purchase online, but I only recommend products I truly feel are worth it. If you find any of the information I share to be valuable, this is an easy way to pay it forward. Thank You!

These prices are for this week only (they will likely rise next week) and machines are going quick on some sites, so if you see a deal that works for you keep that in mind. Hopefully, this makes for a great gift this holiday. Thank You all!

Best Price for Silhouette Cameo Deals below:

I have compiled all the deals for you from different websites. These are the top deals this year!

      • Amazon – Bundle $269.99 ‹Free Shipping› You’d get vinyl sheets, sketch pens, an autoblade, cutting mat, designs, $25 gift card to the SA store (this is awesome), and more listed on the site. This is definitely the “go big or go home” option. Also, a personal assistant is an option and this can be so helpful if you are a beginner!

    • Amazon also has an option of $226.17 if you only want the necessities to use the machine. I believe the first option is worth so much more but there’s nothing bad if you’d like to just go with the machine and necessities for now. You can do so much with this machine so don’t worry if you don’t get all those extras mentioned above. I use paper almost always with my machine and I have created all sorts of projects for card making, scrapbooking, and gifts.


  • Hobby Lobby$229.99 The Michaels price is now better than this price. A coupon or Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal would help here if they allow. As I mentioned above, the machine gives you so much. This machine cuts incredible shapes and designs. I can’t believe there’s such a great machine out there like this. I have been so happy with mine over the years.

Click Here for Hobby Lobby

My Top Pick (lowest price and you get SA gift card, tools, and beginner class)

  • Swing Design –$199.99 (used and lowest price found) or $249.99 (new). I would go for a new machine only because of the one year warranty can come in handy for those special circumstances.  This is right below the Amazon price and it still gives you some bundle items that the Amazon option has. The $25 gift card to the SA online store is a major bonus and I would recommend only getting a machine that offers that. This would be good if you don’t want the sketch pens which I definitely did fine without in my first year using the silhouette. The sketch pens can be a great add-on or Christmas gift if you decide you want them later.

Happy Holidays

-You Makin Me Laugh

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  1. Those are pretty good deals! I wish I was more crafty, that looks like a cool tool to have!

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