Calm Anxiety with Mindfulness

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Mindfulness – It’s all about clearing out the chatter going on in our heads. Dina Kaplan from The Path said in an Untangle podcast, “the thing that makes us unhappy is the chatter.” I was not paid to write this … Continued

Under Eye Self Care and Facial Ideas

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I was watching one of my favorite Youtubers when I stumbled upon a lady talking about her video on How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup Model Hacks and Tips. She describes what she does to naturally take care of her … Continued

Lyrics to Inspire More Faith in God

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The songs in my free printable are helpful for those looking for joy, hope, or identity. Once you print and cut it out, it can be put on a ring and flipped through like note cards or put on the … Continued

Christmas Joy Snowflake Embossed Card

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This snowflake embossed card is –easy to make and –looks like a pro made it. So if you need an easy card, that’s fun to make, and turns out beautiful, keep reading or watch this video. I love making cards … Continued

Essential Oil List When College Has You Beat

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When College Has You Beat. When you don’t have time for self care. All you can do is study. You don’t have time for anything. It’s the kind of week where all you can do is keep your life going … Continued

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