Thrift Store Joy

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Thrift Store Joy

Thrift stores are amazing! They are where I go to find something that will brighten my day and I know I won’t lose all my money (even if I get a lot of stuff)

There’s Sharestuff, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. These stores have made finding joy- as a college student and new apartment renter- easy peesy. Have you ever had a day where you go into these shops and find something amazing? Everyday that I use the items I’ve found at thrift stores, I get a boost of happiness. It’s a feeling of knowing I got something that is good quality and didn’t cost me an arm or a leg.

What I love about these stores:

-Their Music! They play music that helps remind me I’m going to be okay and God is with me.  And there’s days where just being around the music is all I need.

-Their Prices! Have you seen how good their prices are? I can get name brand, never-used-before clothing. I can easily find the perfect seasonal sweater to go with some jeans or leggings.

-The People! The staff at Sharestuff is my favorite. I go in there so often, that when I am in an aisle and they see me, they let me know of the coolest stuff that has just come in. This saves me time while shopping and I’ve gotten a look at some really unique items. And on the big items that we’ve purchased, the staff at Salvation Army helped us with packing them into our car and finding the best way to make it fit.

I am so relieved to have my desk from salvation army set up. It’s been on the to-do list for weeks and now it’s finally clean and ready for card-making, crafts, and schoolwork.

Here are a few pictures of my thrift store finds

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