You are a high priority. Do you believe that? Do you treat yourself that way?

Everything you do stems from how you’ve been treated. Those who are shown that they matter and are told of their value, are often able to show others of their value. A ripple effect. They give back the love they have been given.

Too often though people want to give and give and give until they are empty and miserable. This is my weakness. I ignore my need for rest until it hits me in the face with sickness or an emotional breakdown.

That is why I created this page. I want to practice the art of self-care and share what I learn about it. I know the healthier I am, the more I can serve those around me. However, if I let myself go without proper care, trying to serve and get everything done, I’m a mess.

Be present in your own life, take time to read about ways to serve yourself. This is an act that will bless you and, even greater, it will bless those around you. Do this for you, your family, and the One who created you.